Currently, the Center supports all individuals in need of assistance, but has two main services available to survivors of the Highway 530 Slide and the overall community:

  • A Family Support Counselor who is working in the field supporting families and individuals who are struggling with the grieving process and helping them find out what their new normal will be, by providing family support counseling and facilitating support groups.
  • The ACRC is continuing to provide a Community Support Specialist who supports the long term unemployed individuals who lost their jobs due to the Highway 530 Slide, and assists others with employment issues in finding employment.

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The Center is couched in the Family Support movement of combining knowledge of family systems, culturally appropriate services, community building and resource assistance in communities focusing on preventing crisis’ and promoting healthy functioning individuals, families and communities.

Family Support is a shift in human services delivery that encourages public and private agencies to work together and to become more preventive, responsive, flexible, family-focused, strengths-based, and holistic and thus more effective. It urges the overall community – policymakers, program providers, parents, employers – to takes responsibility for improving the lives of children and families, individuals and community’s.

The family support movement transforms our society into caring communities of citizens putting each other first and that ensures that all children, families and adults get what they need to succeed.

For more information, read our Family Support Fact Sheet.